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Multus Designs is a Website Development and on-line marketing company, specializing in creating highly sophisticated customized websites and web-based applications for businesses of all sizes. We're dedicated to delivering design and technology to empower today's business websites and marketing materials.

A main focus of ours is to develop technologies that are commonly referred in today's Internet standards as Web 2.0 technology.  Such examples include: blogs/weblogs, RSS feeds, social networking, social bookmarking, content management, and other forms of communication and social web-based tools.

By offering new, innovative and extremely competitive products and solutions to our clients, we provide better ways to run and operate a business online.

Our work ranges from small private enterprises to nationally-known Fortune 500 companies. Whether large or small, our commitment to providing professional performance, reliability, and business value to clients is our highest priority. This is reflected in our ongoing development of web-based design solutions created to meet your needs for online growth both for today and for the future.

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Multus Design

I should have been a geologist! I'll start by buying a mini backhoe.…

Multus Design

We're big talkers. Finally Twitter will hear all of our words!…

Multus Design

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