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Content Management Systems

What is a content management system?
A content management system, or CMS, is a web-based software platform that allows site owners to create, update, and remove HTML content on their website on a day-to-day basis.

Content management systems are widely used by serious webmasters, particularly in this flourishing age of Web 2.0. They give site owners the ability to access and manage all of their website content at their leisure- whether that means fixing a typo or a complete site overhaul.

Why do I need a CMS?
Content management systems are invaluable tools in the world of Web 2.0. Not only do content management systems serve as a digital house for your website's content- including text, images, files, and submission forms- they give you the ability to access and manage complex elements of your site with ease.

What kind of content can I manage with a CMS?
When you integrate a good CMS, you should be able to log in 24/7 from any location with an Internet connection and manage the following kinds of content (if applicable to your site):

  • Pages
  • Page links and meta tags
  • All on-page body text
  • Images
  • Contact forms
  • News events
  • FAQs
  • Product listings
  • Service descriptions

What are the benefits of a CMS?
Content management systems have numerous benefits, all of which contribute to streamlined yet comprehensive access to your website content:

  • Decentralized maintenance - access your content anywhere, any time
  • User-friendly interface - requires no fancy HTML coding experience of any kind
  • Authorization for administrator roles - give different members of your company different levels of access to your site, so that they can manage content appropriate for their position.
  • Aesthetic consistency - content management systems only prompt you to add, update or delete actual content, not design code - so any content you work with through the CMS will preserve the site's overall design template and color schemes.
  • Automatic adjustments for navigation - when you create a new navigation item, a new item in a drop down menu, or a new page of any kind, the CMS automatically reconfigures the front end navigation to accommodate it


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