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How to write Meta Descriptions

Use these quick and simple tips, techniques and strategies to ensure you have a killer Meta Description to promote your website within the Google search engine. Here’s my recipe for a Killer Meta Description in no particular order:

Every page of your website has the ability to have it’s own Meta Description, if you don’t bother writing your own Google will try to make one up for you by pulling information from the page.

Meta Descriptions are the little black 1 or 2 line descriptions you see listed under each different result that you see on the search results pages.

  • Your descriptions should be concise, engaging and make a clear point
    You have a very short space of time to grab and hold individuals attention long enough for them to decide whether or not they want to click-through to your website or someone else’s. This isn’t the place to ramble on or get into intricate levels of details.
  • Your descriptions should communicate what an individual may expect to find or be able to do on your website
    Are you selling products or services, or are you purely informational. Explain clearly why people should visit your website.
  • Your descriptions should be tailored for each individual page
    It is not effective to write one Meta Description for your home page and then re-use this same description on every other one of your pages. This is often the case when a website is dependent upon a single template to render every page.
  • Your descriptions should be benefit lead
    Give people a strong appealing reason for them to click on your listing and investigate your website. What are your businesses USPs? What problems do you solve or need do you forfill?
  • Your descriptions should incorporate a clear call to action
    Telling people what to do with a punchy call to action elicits a better response from people.
  • Your descriptions should say what you want to say in the first 155 characters
    Google will more often than not chop off the end of your descriptions if you exceed this length, so ensure your descriptions still make sense to people when they get cut at this point.
  • Your descriptions can incorporate a local telephone number if you offer products or services locally
    This may eliminate the need for people to even load your website in order to find your contact information, particularly useful if someone already knows what they want to achieve.
  • Your descriptions should incorporate some of the keywords and phrases you want to be found for in Google search
    If a persons’ search query closely matches what your meta description says Google will make them bold giving you a more enticing listing in the search results helping to point out to people that your website may be more relevant for them.

Source: http://www.hallaminternet.com/2012/how-to-write-a-killer-meta-description/


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